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…i am a passionate and committed professional, ready to offer you cutting-edge cybersecurity and technology solutions. Discover my services:

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…i provide cybersecurity consulting services, identifying risks and vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure I develop personalized strategies to strengthen your security and protect your assets from potential attacks, ensuring the continuity and success of your business;

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…i assess security systems and policies, ensuring compliance with international regulations and standards to protect your organization’s valuable information;

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…i identify and correct vulnerabilities in systems and applications through ethical penetration testing and advanced hacking techniques, improving the security of your infrastructure;

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…i analyze and manage cybersecurity risks, identifying potential threats and applying preventive and corrective measures to reduce their impact on your business;

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…i perform proactive monitoring and detection of security threats and incidents, using advanced technologies to protect your infrastructure and valuable data;

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…i provide cybersecurity training for employees and managers, strengthening the security culture in your organization and improving incident prevention;


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